Buick Rendezvous (and maybe Pontiac Aztek) Window Regulator Clip Replacement $40 total!!!

After having our driver window stop working 4 months after buying our Rendezvous and the dealer wanting $275 for the whole motor/regulator/clip assembly I decided to look around for a replacement. Car-part.com led me to 3 different salvage yards, all telling me the same thing as the dealer, the clips cannot be purchased separately but they would be glad to sell me the whole setup for $100.
I said ok 3 times....
The first salvage yard called me after i placed the order and said they had broke the clips removing it from the door.
The second salvage yard could not find the door....ya, it disappeared! the whole door!
The third was going to be the charm, after a week I called them and they said they had broke the clips also.
I was content with the door panel off and my 1x4 with a notch holding the window up....but the boss said she didnt want to drive a ghetto vehicle.
Then 3 weeks ago the passenger door clips broke! Talk about a total POS design flaw.
So internet searching led me to the Buick forums where I found the part numbers for the clips.
I ended up spending $80.45 for 4 clips, (2 for each door), shipped to my house
Since my clips were broke in about 12 pieces I had no idea how to replace them....but about an hour later both side were done.
Here are some pictures to help the next person with this project (and probably me again before its paid off)
Part numbers and references at bottom of page

Here is the passenger side regulator removed from the door....I think about 5 10mm bolts held it on.

Here is the small "barrel" that snaps into the clip and moves it up and down the window.

The clip slides on the track first

Then slide the clip over the regulator and lock it in place (you can kind of notice the slot for the barrel)

Once the clip is locked on, line up the barrel and push it in with a screwdriver

The barrel is locked in place

Driver side ready

So your ready to try it yourself? I would say most people with a little brain can do this with no problem.
The clips can be found at gmpartsdirect.com
The left part number is #15286776 and the right is #15286777

Thanks to the guys (and gals) at http://townhall-talk.edmunds.com